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Ethical Stuff.

We are a company that wants to make a difference, and one way of doing this is to help promote companies that provide ethical products. It also helps us if you buy their products through our page as we get a small commission for each item, letting you know about decent goods that won't cost the earth or the people living on it. Here's some top ethcial stuff that we recommend:

The Natural Store - Home to the World's Finest Ethical Brands

The Natural Store are a company that features great natural products that have a better impact on the planet.

Are you sure that's vegan?

Are You Sure That's Vegan? provide a range of vegan recipes and recipe books that help you to make your favourite recipes completely out of vegan ingredients.

Here are some excellent Quick & Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking recipes!

These are tasty comfort soups that will certainly keep you warm. 100% vegan!